Need A Christian Speaker?

Do you need a Christian Speaker for your event?

As a Christian speaker, sharing my personal testimonies and insight God has given me is my greatest passion. My greatest desire in this “perception of perfection” style world we live in is to help others to understand that our seemingly greatest imperfections and pasts can be used by God to make us incomparably qualified to do His work.

Through a lot of humor and total transparency, I make my messages both relatable and easily applicable to today’s audience.



Marriage Becoming a Biblical wife even when it’s not fair. I have a unique testimony that is often requested that I speak of about how God delivered my marriage from my husband’s addiction to pornography and transformed our testimony into a ministry that has touched hundreds of lives.

Parenting Raising our children in the world, not of it. Having children that range from elementary school to college, I’ve had a great amount of experience in the tough decisions parents often have to make to assure that their children are after God’s heart while the world is after them.

Single Parenthood While I’ve now been married for over a decade, I still speak to many single mothers and how God showed me He could truly be all that I needed while he prepared me for the man He would send to find me.

Relationships Being a Proverbs 31 woman is all well and good but we should strive to attain Titus 2 status! In a dog eat dog world let’s be women who fix each others’ crowns while never telling the world they were ever crooked.

Homeschooling Is homeschooling right for you? What kind of curriculum is out there? Where do you start? Why should you homeschool and when shouldn’t you? I discuss the methods, challenges, and incorporating God’s word all while meeting Georgia’s criteria.

Sexuality & Purity We often search for the answers to love, comfort, and other desires God rightly put within us but in all the wrong places. My testimony is one many women have lived but so many have not come out the other side of. God has given me the opportunity to minister to many teenagers and young adults for over 20 years about this particular topic.

Abortion Two months shy of turning 18 I discovered I was pregnant. Me! A children’s pastor’s child, a deacon’s child, the most church-involved girl of them all. My testimony starts at Planned Parenthood and continues on today as my daughter thrives and is about to begin pharmacy school. She and I have spoken both separately and together on this sensitive but timely topic.

Depression & Anxiety I have battled – not suffered- depression and anxiety since I was barely a teenager. God has shown me the tools necessary to navigate in this world with this diagnosis His way – battling not suffering. From the discovery of a very real brain breakdown to a near attempt on my own life and the revelation that God sees me right where I’m at, God has revealed to me how to live the life of a fighting overcomer.

Any topic featured on my blog is always worth visiting if you feel it best fits the need of your audience.


I am local to North Georgia and am willing to speak in the local area completely for FREE. Though, I welcome love donations of any size to continue to support this ministry.

When traveling outside of a three hour radius, travel expenses may incur but not in most cases.

Please email me at and I or someone working with me will respond to you in a timely manner.

God has given me the tools and fortitude to come out of the other side of many life life’s trials. It has all been for naught if I am unable to share those messages and His saving grace to others who need to hear it.