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*There are no affiliate links. I make no money off of this post. I have, however, been given some of these items and have chosen to give them away.

So, this month is kind of a big deal…at least for me it is. And, I want it to be for you, too! Most of you know that I don’t monetize my blog. That’s not to cast aspersions upon anyone that does because this is a full time job, homie. I simply prayed over it and felt like God was telling me not to.🤷🏻‍♀️ If I ever do, I’ll let you guys know!

So, these are things I want to give away just because I really appreciate those of you that have gone on this journey with me.

1. The Headcase Christian is 1 year old!

2. It’s my birthday month!

3. I’m having life-changing surgery at the end of the month!

To celebrate – while preparing pre-op, op, and post-op😂, I’m giving some of my favorite things away. These aren’t all of my favorite things…but some!

I’ll be giving away things like… (click on image for more information)

So, Erin, what’s the catch? No catch other than you have to be part of my tribe – my supporters, my “followers.” Those that are with me in the rain should bask in the sunshine with me!

So, because I’m going to be preparing for surgery and – as most of you know – I homeschool, most all of this is going to be done through social media and relatively quickly. So, it would probably serve you to make sure that not only are you a subscriber to the blog but you also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just because I give away one thing on one social media outlet doesn’t mean I’m going to give it away on all of them.🤷🏻‍♀️ This isn’t to trick anyone. This is simply to keep this simple and fun for me too!🤗

🗣Click on any of these to find the link & follow! (FOR SOME REASON WORDPRESS IS HAVING A PROBLEM ON THEIR END; SO, FEEL FREE TO COPY & PASTE THE LINKS! Sorry about the hassle.)

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Family Friendly Fun at Disney on Ice

As most of you know, we’re a family that believes in family-friendly fun and that means we have #DisneyKids! One of the ways Disney reaches its audience is by bringing the magic of Disney to you!

We’ve created such great memories at Disney On Ice, since my daughter was young and we saw Hercules brought to life on ice! Since then, they’ve been bringing more Disney films, princesses and princes to life on ice than you can imagine.

And…never fear! Disney on Ice brings the magic without you having to worry about screening for content. Based on the core cast of Mickey and his friends and cartoon films they’ve made famous, their characters reach the hearts of every boy and girl (and grownup boys and girls, too)!

Our oldest (21) still loves to see her favorite princesses, while our youngest (6) loves everyone from Woody to Mickey and everyone in between.

Disney On Ice prides itself on bringing a quality show of such spectacular entertainment that everyone will walk away knowing they had an amazing evening with their loved ones. Sparks, lights, amazing skating, pyrotechnics, acrobatics, beautiful music….the list goes on.

Now, make sure you bring some spending money because they have all kinds of fun take-homes! They always have “cool” Disney-on-Ice-only snowcone cups, neat foam hats with cotton candy, toys, dolls, light-ups, and more!

And…make a night of it! Let your little ones dress up in their favorite Disney clothes or costume! Show your #DisneySide!

Now… I wouldn’t tell you all about this without trying to share the fun. Right? Right! So… I’m giving FOUR tickets to Disney on Ice away! But, act quick because I’m giving them away by Friday, February 2! The winner can choose from Philips Arena in Atlanta or Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth.

How do you enter? Easy!

1. Like & Follow me on Facebook: The Headcase Christian ❤️

2. 🗣Comment on THIS linkyour favorite Disney character and who you’d love to take with you to Disney on Ice!

3. 🚨Be available either Feb. 15 at Philips Arena or Feb. 22 at Infinite Energy Arena.

*Entries not accepted past 02/03/18 12:00am EST

**Like/Follow will be verified and if you’re an “unfollower” your name will be discarded

***Verified name will be selected randomly by Rafflecopter