Review and Giveaway: Tiny Truths Children’s Bible

I was gifted this book for my honest opinion and that is what you will receive. No money was exchanged.

Before I begin this review I feel that I must first remind some (not all) that Jesus most likely looked like this…

Not this…

He was Jewish. If you’ve met a Jewish person, know a Jewish person, or are a Jewish person then you have an idea of His skin-tone at least.

I feel the need to point this out because this illustrated Bible actually addresses this. Jesus was a Jew, and Egypt and the surrounding areas are home to dark skinned individuals. The people from that region do not tend to be blonde hair and blue eyed. Now let us continue…

Explore the tiny truths of scripture…

This is a great illustrated Bible to have on hand whether you’re a teacher, parent, grandparent, or babysitter. Its practical lessons, reminders, and truths found throughout the stories make this an invaluable resource for anyone influencing little ones to have.

The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible will help your children discover:

• Who God is––the one who made everything and everyone

• Who we are––His children, whom He loves unconditionally

• What we were made for––to love God and everyone else

• Introduce your children to the incredible story of God’s enormous love for them with 

My seven-year-old son and I really liked this one. The illustrations made the stories come alive and lent authenticity to the real events that the Bible shared with my little one.

My son dove right into this one and is excited to share it with his younger cousins as soon as possible.

Additionally, with its well-rounded stories and great illustrations, this book will make an awesome Pre-K or Kindergarten graduation gift for your littles!

2 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Tiny Truths Children’s Bible”

  1. What a great kids’ Bible! I am always looking for good resources for kids and parents. When families have good resources they can use and engage with each other at home, not just at church, kids grow up knowing they need Jesus. That is my goal! God bless you!

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