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Review: Bible Answers for Curious Kids & GIVEAWAY

I was not paid for this book review but was given the book for my honest opinion.

Do your inquisitive children drive you nuts with questions? Do they ask you questions that would never even pop in your mind when you were their age? Do you find that it gets even more frustrating and stressful when their questions are about extremely important things such as God? This may very well be the book for you!

365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids Is an amazing book by Kathryn Slattery that helps in those insane moments when you’re just trying to do the laundry, pay the bills, or have a moment of peace and your child comes up to you and asks, “Since Jesus was God’s son, did Jesus know ahead of time that he was going to die?” Believe it or not, that exact question is answered on page 78 of this book!

Questions such as that and many more like “What does it mean that I’m created in the ‘image of God’?” and “Why couldn’t Jesus just stay on earth forever?” are just some of the questions that are addressed in this book.

With 365 answers, you literally have an answer for everyday of the year. You may find that this book is one of your greatest books of reference as a parent. You may find that it becomes a daily devotional for you and your child.

If you’re wondering if this is the book for your child, based on age, I can only tell you that my six-year-old has been bouncing up-and-down ready to delve into this book. Further, I have found it interesting as a 39-year-old woman. If your children are younger than six, I would still consider buying this book. You can treat this book as a frame of reference for how you respond to your children in their own language. As they get older, you’ll find them seeking out the answers, on their own, in this book. That is an amazing way to train them to transfer that self-motivated searching from this book to the Bible itself!

You can purchase 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids through Amazon and get it before Christmas (and even take a look inside)!


16 thoughts on “Review: Bible Answers for Curious Kids & GIVEAWAY”

  1. This looks like a great book to give my boys this Christmas! I know two little boys who have lots of questions and I don’t always know how to answer! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. This sounds like such a great book for kids! I’m hoping whoever wins enjoys reading it with their young ones. My kids are probably a little old for this one.

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  3. I love this! A year’s worth of questions to be answered in small sizes for children. When my son was a baby, I bought him a 1 minute devotional book for the year. After 18 years he still has that little book.

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  4. What a great book! Kids are always asking questions and some of their questions crack me up! It’s nice to have a reference they can use to dig into the Bible as they ask these questions.

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  5. Sorry, I missed this earlier. Incomplete loading. This sounds like a very important book. It’s very embarrassing to be unable to answer a child’s question. But you can be sure they’ll keep coming at you till you say something. This is therefore a good resource to have.


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