Giveaway & Download: When Children’s Church Goes Wrong


I had such a great response to my When Children’s Church Goes Wrong series that I created a PDF to download: When Children’s Church Goes Wrong – Who’s Fault Is It. Everyone keeps telling me to sell it as an eBook but, honestly, to me I’d rather just give it away. I mean…it helps us all if parents, volunteers, teachers, and ministers actually read it! I certainly don’t want anyone turned off because it cost a couple of bucks. For now I just feel like I’m talking to you guys. Y’know? So, if you want to commiserate on the topic of When Children’s Church Goes Wrong, get some insight into how this mama handled it, hear others’ stories, read the perspective of the ministry itself, DOWNLOAD IT TODAY: When Children’s Church Goes Wrong – Who’s Fault Is It? !img_8514


Thanks to my friends at Focus on the Family, I’m giving away the book The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask About Christianity & how to answer them confidently by Alex McFarland. This great book will be like a preemptive strike in parenting. When Satan brings confusion or your kids (those that are yours or you may be teaching) simply have natural questions, you’ll already be prepared with Biblical answers that both make sense to them and allow them confidence to move forward in their relationships with Christ. You’ll learn that a lot is in how you answer rather than merely what you say. It’s really a great tool to add to your arsenal. So, if by chance you don’t win, I encourage you to pick up a copy today.


About the book:


University apologist, director, and popular speaker Alex McFarland has spent the last two decades answering questions about Christian worldview and the Bible from children, teens, and parents. In The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask about Christianity, he summarizes questions today’s children and teens are asking about God, the Bible, and the problem of evil.

Alex’s experiences have taught him that how adults answer questions about God is as important as, if not more important than, what kids ask. He provides parents with teaching strategies that will help them reach their children intellectually and spiritually. Today’s kids and teens are looking for authenticity, integrity, and straightforward truth. Alex comes alongside parents and gives them tools to effectively answer not only their children’s toughest academic questions but also the questions that plague their hearts.

About Alex:

Alex McFarland has spoken in hundreds of churches and university campuses worldwide. He has also appeared on Fox News and CNN. With a passion to communicate the message of Christ to a new generation, Alex is cohost of Exploring the Word, a daily radio talk show heard on more than 200 stations. He is the founder of Truth for a New Generation, the nation’s largest conference on apologetics and Christian worldview. You can visit his website at

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6 thoughts on “Giveaway & Download: When Children’s Church Goes Wrong”

  1. I would also encourage all parents and youth volunteers to read the book! If our children don’t get their questions answered by us, they’ll try to find the answers in society around them!

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